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Happy People Make Meduce a Success.

Eshwar Sgk
This place is seriously awesome. I should say I made a great physical transformation in a short span. I have always been overweight doing regular workouts. Multiple times I have shed few kilos but for the last 2 years I was stagnant at 85+ Kilos and couldn’t go down from there. That’s when a friend suggested this place and I met Doctor Jayavani who helped me with a diet plan. More than giving a diet chart, she made me understand the basics of healthy diet and educated me how it works on me. Combining my workout with this diet plan started working amazingly for me. I lost a whooping 13 kilos in 4 months. And first time I lost weight without losing any muscle and I am sporting a great look now.

Subhash Nair
I was growing wider and heavier to size 44 shirts and size 40 pants. I started to hate climbing even one flight of stairs, my knees hurt, back ached, and every now and then I developed wheezing. Entire body was like out of sync. I was uncomfortable in my skin, I realized I had already began avoiding get-togethers, public places and even meeting clients. I hated being photographed full length and hid my midriff behind coats and jackets. My weight was weighing me down. I was weighing 94 kgs and that was high for my 174 cms height. It was also discovered throught tests that I had hypothyroidism and my Insulin levels were high.
That’s when I went to Meduce.under the expert guidance of Chief Nutritionist- Mrs. Jayavani; I was given a healthy diet chart.
Come October 30th, that’s 4th Month and the scale shows 75 kgs. I am 19 kgs lighter, fitter and better. I enjoy 40 slimfit size shirts, 34 size pants. I love my NEW formals and casuals alike. I am now confident, energetic and happier. My Thyroid shows normal, so does my insulin level. Thankyou team Meduce

Sathyanarayanan Thaati
In the recent times, my Knee and back was hurting me and the obvious reason was my body weight.
I made numerous attempts to control or reduce as recommended by friends and internet community, but my weight never came down rather it hurt my body further.
I think I was lucky to have stumbled upon Meduce through FB and contacted my friend and dietician Jayavani Sivakumar.
I was thoroughly convinced and I felt the confidence in their healthy ways to reduce my body weight without any loss of energy.
Eventually, I pushed myself and underwent their diet schemes and this really made wonders which even I couldn’t believe it in my eyes.
I the past 3 or 4 months I have reduced my weight up to 10 Kgs without any suffering.
Now I really look like the one in my college days which is envied by all my fellow mates.

Harish Madireddy
Three months back I really didn’t have hope that I could reduce my weight and then I came to know about this Meduce through my friend Ganesh and
I thought let’s give a try and the results were really amazing. Initially my weight was too much and after starting my weight reduction treatment
in Meduce by consulting Dietitian Mrs Jayavani Shiva Kumar I was put under a four meal diet. With her guidance and support I managed to lose 15 kg in
3 months. I also got the confidence that I can reduce my weight further to the expected levels. Guys if u wanna reduce ur weight, u can give a try
with Meduce they are amazing and you will get good results and you won’t be disappointed