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Am I a candidate for Medical Weight Loss?

Anyone with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or over can benefit from a medical weight loss program. Body mass index measures your body fat relative to your height and weight. You may also be a candidate for this program if you are experiencing other weight-related conditions, such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes or sleep apnea.

What is Scientific Weight Loss?

Unlike other weight loss programs, meduce weight loss program enhances your fitness journey with an army of experts from the fields of medicine, Dietitcians, doctors, nutrition, psychology, sleep therapy, personal trainers to coah you and give you a lifestyle modification. This type of holistic program leads to time tested and reliable results.

You gain your health

Tame your BP, diabetes, Thyroid, Fat and cardiac challenges

Fitness and Health is in and out goes the unhealthy you.

Why meduce is the best weight loss program in Chennai?

Meduce offers best weight loss program in Chennai, India. This program is customised with each specific individual in mind. Our program is scientific weight loss program which gives time tested and reliable results

  • Physician-led weight loss.
    • At the MEDUCE Clinic, a physician oversees your weight loss program. This medical management allows for advanced interventions, such as prescription weight loss medications. Your physician also will assess and treat possible medical causes for your weight gain.
  • Assessment
    • At the MEDUCE Clinic, we start by performing a comprehensive assessment of your overall health. During your evaluation, we will ask you about:
      • Medications you take
      • What your home and work environment is like
      • Personal triggers that lead you to overeat
      • Your blood chemistry
      • Potential medical causes for your weight gain
      • How you feel about food and eating
      • Sleep patterns
      • Your stress level
  • Dedicated weight loss team.
    • Our dieticians are devoted to our patients, allowing them to customize according to the needs of our patients. The same holds true for our other bariatric experts, such as psychologists who specialize in eating issues.
  • WL Coah
    • Seamless coordination of your care. Because our entire team is located under one roof, they can easily communicate important information, adjust your program and make sure your weight loss stays on track.
  • Food Supplements
    • Doctor designed supplements which help reduce weight faster and safer leaving you with no side effects.
  • Convenient scheduling.
    • We work with you to coordinate appointments so you can see everyone on the same day.
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